(Vulcan, 2014)

(Vulcan, 2014)

Going through an interview is not as easy as it used to be few years back. Companies have higher requirements; they make you go through rounds of interviews for testing both your technical skills as well as soft skills. There is more competition and interviews are challenging. So, what are the technical skills and soft skills that employers are seeking?

Here are the top 5 technical skills that employers are seeking:

  1. Good knowledge of at least one programming language
  • Any developer needs to be fluent in at least one programming language. If you have a good grasp of at least one language, it becomes easier to pick up other languages because there are many common themes between that every programming language.
Kolakowski (2014)

Kolakowski (2014)

  1. Experience with object oriented design
  • Object oriented design has become the de facto design paradigm for most projects. Object oriented design greatly helps with code maintainability, ease of reuse and separation of concerns. Due to the ability of inheritance you can group the main tasks in the base class and have the concrete tasks only deal with the particular implementations.
  1. Problem solving skills
  • Every developer has to have great problem solving skills. Breaking down a complex problem into smaller tasks and tackling those tasks is an essential skill in problem solving. A solid foundation in math and algorithm classes can help a developer get good problem solving skills.
  1. Ability to write good quality code
  • Bad quality code can lead to poor readability for other upcoming programmers as well as for the programmer who wrote the code themselves in a few months. Similarly it can lead to more bugs. Bad quality code generally adds to the complexity of the code base and makes progress difficult. Hence it is really important to write code that is maintainable, well tested, simple and reusable.
  1. Learn fast
  • It is incredibly important to be able to learn fast in the tech industry. Language features are changing constantly. Similar frameworks come and go. It is important to be able to remain on top of things by learning fast.

Here are the five soft skills that can put you to top:

GradQuiz (2014)

GradQuiz (2014)

  1. Collaboration
  • A team can perform at its best only with collaboration.
  1. Ability to communicate well
  • Even though a programmer’s main job is to code, having a great communication skill can be a great advantage at work place. You can put your ideas forward and influence decisions.
  1. Ability to work well with programmers
  • Many times, you wont be the only one in the project. You will be working with several others. Thus it is important to be able to able to coordinate and work well with other programmers.
  1. Ability to work in an inter disciplinary team
  • Often a team consists of designers, product managers, program managers and engineers. It is important to be able to work well with an interdisciplinary team.
  1. Integrity

– People will respect and value you if you are a person of integrity.

These skills are the critical tools you need to succeed in the workplace which you can learn, cultivate, develop, and maintain over your lifetime(Hansen & Hansen, para. 46)


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