Do you have any active social media presence? Any profile on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account? If you think social media is not your thing, then chances are you are going to become obsolete quickly. Today is the era of mobile and social networks. Everyone you know probably spends more than 2/3rd of their waking hours using the Internet either via laptop or smart phones. And social networks are everyone’s favorite places to hang out in the Internet.

Social Media

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Facebook that was founded in 2004 has become mainstream, its popularity has exploded and now almost everyone on the planet owns a Facebook account. Other popular social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn followed Facebook. Given the popularity of social networks and also given the fact that most people spend majority of their waking hours on the Internet, it has become vitally important to have a good social presence.

Social media is an investment that gives users a way to promote themselves to their audience and thus increase the opportunities to sell a product or find a job (Dasilva Say you are looking for a job, it is utterly important to have a LinkedIn account. Having a great LinkedIn account is the best way to create a professional stamp on the Internet. Recruiters frequently scour LinkedIn to find possible candidate for open positions.

LinkedIn is not the only media where you cultivate your online brand. If you are a developer it is very important to have a Github account where people can see your projects and can have a direct access into code you have written. Having some cool projects on Github is a great way to make you more marketable.

Other social media like Twitter and Facebook, although are not always for professional use, are also vital to your brand. You can use your twitter account to create a positive brand for you in the Internet. Say you are passionate about robotics, you can share pictures of you participating in robotics competition, side projects etc. on Twitter. This will help establish your credibility as a robotics enthusiast. Similarly what you share on Facebook can help establish a positive image for you. The people you have as friends on Facebook can be your next co-founder, angel investor, employer, referrer etc. so it is important to create a positive image for you on Facebook too.

Social Media Brand

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Today, not just individuals, but even the leaders and companies are realizing the necessity of including the social networks on their brand strategies in order to interact with their users and reach their audience (Dasilva

In conclusion, it is important to be selective when choosing what to share on social media. You should curate your posts meticulously. Having a good social presence can enhance your brand and reputation and help you become more successful professionally.


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